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Barbara Nahmias, Intuitive Artist


Barbara Nahmias is a self-taught artist, and art instructor living in Riverdale, New York. She defines herself as a “latent lifelong artist” who, until retirement from her position at a major media company, had never had the courage to explore her creative expression.  Although she works in a variety of mediums, Barbara’s greatest passion is working with alcohol inks on Yupo paper, glass, wood and ceramic tile. Her creations reveal her delight of bright colors and organic, free-flowing shapes. Barbara’s process is both intuitive and meditative.  There is no attachment to outcome, other than to allow the spirit within to express itself. Her artistic mission is to help others find courage and freedom through painting in an intimate, nurturing environment. Many who come to her have creative blocks or early wounding and find safety, healing  and freedom working with alcohol inks, a colorful and forgiving medium.  Barbara’s work has been displayed in gallery spaces and private showings including The Ethical Culture Society, the Riverdale “Y” Gallery and One Spirit Learning Alliance.


To practice art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow- so do it.



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